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Tests on Cement

Compressive Strength Test on Cement | Apparatus, Procedure, Precautions & Results

The compressive strength of hardened cement is the most important of all the properties. Therefore, it is not surprising that…

1 year ago

Soundness Test on Cement | By Lechatliers Apparatus

It is necessary that Cement after hardening should not undergo any kind of change in volume. Certain cements are found…

1 year ago

Initial and Final Setting Time of Cement | Definition, Apparatus, Procedure, Observations.

During Construction using concrete, cement paste, mortar certain time is required for mixing, transportation, placing, compacting and finishing. During this…

1 year ago

Standard Consistency Test on Cement | Definition, Apparatus, Procedure, Calculations

Finding out the factors like Initial setting time, Final setting time, and soundness of cement a parameter named Standard Consistency…

1 year ago

Field Tests on Cement – How to Check Quality of Cement on Site?

Construction materials testing is a process that helps engineers, contractors, and owners to list out problems and deficiencies in materials…

1 year ago

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