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Top 10 Tallest Buildings In India- Indian Skyline

Which are the tallest buildings in India? Where are they located?

What if I told you 90% of them are located in Mumbai, Shocked! Oh hell, not, everybody knows that but what you don’t know is which are those buildings? and Is there any non-Mumbai building on this list?

Here we’ve compiled top 10 tallest buildings in India with details of their height, floor count, city, cost of construction and construction period. So without further ado lets dive in

List of Top 10 Tallest Buildings in India

1 | Palais Royale

Mumbai is the financial hub of India and it’s obvious that Mumbai will be very rich in Infrastructure and so it is we have our first listing Palais Royale located in lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

With the height of 320m and about 56 floors, Palais Royal is the tallest building in India. Over the 12 years of construction period from 2008 to 2020, the amount spent on construction is 420 Million USD.

On completion, Palais Royale became the first supertall building in India to receive a platinum rating of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED).

Height: 320 m

Floors: 56

City: Mumbai

Cost: US$ 420 Million

Construction Started: 2008

Construction Completed: Expected in Early 2020

2 | Namaste Tower

With beautifully designed aesthetics namaste tower is set to become the second tallest building in India. Namaste Tower will be representing the Indian way of giving a respectful greeting to someone. This beautiful structure is designed by a Dubai based architectural firm Atkins.

The mixed-use skyscraper with the height of 316m and around 63 floors will be completing in early 2022 and estimated to be costed around 310 Million USD.

Namaste tower will be having facilities of Hotels, offices, retail spaces and residential spaces.

Height: 316 m

Floors: 63

City: Mumbai

Cost: US$ 310 Million

Construction Started: 2011

Construction Completed: Expected in Early 2022

3 | The Imperial Tower

Imperial 2 is a twin tower just like twin tower the one in Malaysia but not having a skybridge. The construction of supertall skyscraper started in 2005 and completed in 2010, took around 5 years to complete.

The Imperial tower is a residential building with about 256m height and 60 floors. The Imperial tower holds the record of being the third tallest building in India just after Palais Royale and Namaste Tower.

The construction of Imperial tower took 310 Million USD to complete.

Height: 256 m

Floors: 60

City: Mumbai

Cost: US$ 310 Million

Construction Started: 2005

Construction Completed: 2010

4 | The 42

It’s first time in this list we are out of Mumbai and now in Kolkata with our fourth-tallest building in India that is “The 42”. The 42 is a residential apartment located at Chowrighee, Kolkata, West Bengal.

The slim tall structure defines the skyline of Kolkata city. The tower also has a observation deck to offer a stunning view of beautiful Kolkata City.

Construction of The 42 started in 2008 and completed in 2019 and became a fourth-tallest building in India and first in Kolkata and also West Bengal.

Height: 249 m

Floors: 65

City: Kolkata

Construction Started: 2008

Construction Completed: 2019

5 | Ahuja Towers

Back to Mumbai, we have Ahuja Towers located at Desai Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Ahuja Towers with a height of 248m and 53 floors, is the fifth tallest building in India and the fourth tallest building in Mumbai and Maharashtra itself.

The architectural design is done by P&T group and structural design done by J+W Consultants.

Height: 248 m

Floors: 54

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 20

Construction Completed: 2019

6 | Crescent Bay T6

Crescent Bay is group of 6 skyscrapers, arranged to form a curve like shape is a residential complex offering 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats. Each tower is somewhat taller than previous if we look from right, giving the whole structure a beautiful aesthetic look.

The tallest building in this group is Crescent Bay T6 which is about 240m high and 62 floors became the sixth tallest building in India and the fifth tallest building in Mumbai.

Height: 240 m

Floors: 62

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 2013

Construction Completed: 2019

7 | Crescent Bay T5

In the group of 6 skyscrapers, the crescent bay offers another listing in the tallest buildings in India. After Crescent Bay T6 we have Crescent Bay T5 with 222m height and 63 floors as the seventh tallest building in India and sixth tallest in Mumbai.

Height: 222 m

Floors: 63

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 2013

Construction Completed: 2019

8 | Lodha Bellissimo

Lodha Bellissimo is a beautiful residential complex located in N.M. Joshi Marg, Mumbai consist of two tall skyscrapers having a common deck at the top. The tower is owned by Macrotech construction and developed by lodha group.

Lodha Bellissimo is 222m high with 53 floors took 2006 to 2012, about 6 years to complete the construction making another addition to the Mumbai’s skyline.

Lodha Bellissimo is also 8th tallest building in India and 7th tallest in Mumbai, here are few details of Lodha Bellissimo

Height: 222 m

Floors: 53

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 2006

Construction Completed: 2012

9 | Orchid Enclave

Orchid enclave is another twin tower in Mumbai. Orchid Enclave with 210m height and 55 floors is the ninth tallest building in India and eighth tallest building in Mumbai.

Orchid Enclave is a residential tower which is also forth tallest Residential tower in India. Here are few stats about Orchid Enclave.

Height: 210 m

Floors: 55

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 2007

Construction Completed: 2012

10 | Crescent Bay T4

Situated in Parel, Mumbai Crescent Bay T4 is part of the six buildings in Crescent Bay project. It is also the tenth tallest building in India and ninth in Mumbai.

The residential tower is 206m high and consist of 58 floors. These are some of the details of Crescent Bay T4.

Height: 206 m

Floors: 58

City: Mumbai

Construction Started: 2013

Construction Completed: 2019

FAQs on Top 10 tallest buildings in India

Which is the tallest building in India 2019?

Palais Royale.
With height of 320m Palais Royale is the tallest building in India.

Is “The 42” is tallest building in India?

“The 42” with 249m height is the fourth-tallest building in India and tallest building in Kolkata and whole West Bengal.

Why there are no tall buildings in India?

After the world war 2 the concept of floor space index known as FSI was introduced in US and is active till now in India. Floor space index is ratio of total floors area to the plot area.
If permissible FSI is 2 for the area and we have a plot of 200 sq.m. then we cannot construct more than 400 sq.m. on that plot.

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